Costa Rica Transportation

Getting from one place to another is easy here, in fact you will most likely always have several choices on how to get where you are going. Costa Rica’s transportation system offers plenty of options available for moving around the country. Everything from convenient shuttle transportation from the airport to car rentals, domestic flights, public bus, ferry’s, private vans, taxis, bicycles, horses… you name it and it’shere.

Part of planning your personalized vacation is figuring out how to get from one place to the other. Depending on factors such as budget, duration, destination and flexibility you’ll be wanting to use different methods transportation. Here’s a detailed look at some of the most common ones


Shuttles are the most common method of transportation from the airport or to special destinations for travelers. Many hotels and travel agencies offer them as part of their services. These are often shared depending on they are headed; however they are not a public bus so your seat must be reserved beforehand. They operate on a daily basis and are subject to availability.

Car Rental

If you prefer a form of transportation that offers you more freedom then this is the option for you. Available during your entire stay or part of it, renting a car offers great flexibility and easier access to places where public transportation might not take you. If you are a first time visitor we recommend getting a good GPS system (most car rentals offer them), or a map. Costa Rican routes and transportation aren’t hard to figure out but they can get a little tricky, especially in far off places. If you are up for an adventure and a challenge, this is the perfect choice!

Domestic Flights

As you might already know, Costa Rica is a very small country. However, ground transportation, even rentals, can take longer than expected due to poor road maintenance in some places and constantly changing weather. Depending on your destination, taking a domestic flight might be the best choice. Flying in can make the difference between getting to your hotel in a matter of minutes to an entire day spent driving somewhere.

Private Van

Very similar to shuttles, with the exception that you don’t have to share it with other passengers. The advantage of a private van is having your personal driver who knows the best routes and shortcuts to get where you are going. These vans come equipped with A/C and any other amenity you could need, which can be a welcome comfort in tropical country!

Public Transportation

Public buses are available throughout the country and, for the most part, operate well into the night. Learning a little Spanish would be handy before using them as most drivers do not understand English. Remember to make sure that you’re taking the correct bus and keep a close eye on your personal belongings. The same goes for taxis and the ferry, although in many cases they are more accustomed to having tourists and might be better trained to help you. Bikes and horses are available for rent in most touristic destinations in the country, just ask any local or at the hotel’s front desk.

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