Monteverde Music Festival

The Monteverde Music Festival is an annual festival that takes place at Bromelias Music Garden and the Monteverde Institute anywhere between December and March. The Monteverde community is known for composing and promoting excellent music, from near and afar. Costa Ricans in general have a strong love for music and live it day-by-day whether it is at a party, a traditional celebration or at home. Naturally, it’s easy to find music festivals year-round.

History of the Monteverde Music Festival

The festival started in 1992, when Margaret Adelman, a musician from Canada brought classical musicians from San Jose to a villa in Monteverde for a few months for a festival. Music lovers would head up towards the Villa three times a week to hear music from sunset until the night. Each year, the festival was organized by a different committee and held at a different location. The profits of the festival went towards music programs at local schools and other musical events.

By 1999, the music started catering to all kinds of fans as musicians from other music genres started to perform at the festival. In 2000, the Monteverde Institute took the festival under its wing, but within a few years the music festival died out. In an effort to save the festival, Gloria Waissbluth, the former director of the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Costa Rica and Patricia Maynard, the founder of the Ampitheater, took charge and the music festival has been celebrated ever since.

The Music

The Monteverde Music Festival brings Costa Rican and international artists together, giving them a chance to perform before an enthusiastic audience. During the festival, expect to hear jazz and classical, as well as Afro Caribbean rhythms and Latin American music. The festival is comprised of 15 concerts in total that start at sunset and go into the night, creating a magical atmosphere. Artists like Latin Editus, Jazz Rumba, Orquesto de Percusion, Latina Ensamble, La Big Band, Duo de Guitarras and Son de Tiquizia have performed in the past.

Not only has this festival brought great music to Monteverde, but it has also benefitted the local economy and school children. Part of the proceeds of the festival go towards music programs and musical instruments in schools around Monteverde. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience!