Practicing Yoga in Manuel Antonio is a life changing experience. Whether you are practicing yoga for the first time or an experienced yogi, you can find classes that cater to your specific needs. Yoga’s deep breathing and meditation practices help relieve stress, improve flexibility, strength and posture and achieve a balance of mind body and soul. Yoga instructors strive to create the perfect ambience by combing illumination and sound to evoke a natural setting. Most studios are nestled inside the rainforest, which creates a magical union of nature and humanity when it comes to doing yoga.

  • Holis Spa & Wellness Center 2777-0939
  • Spa Uno 2777-2607
  • Holis Spa & Wellness Center 2777-0939
  • Playa Yoga 8388-6960
  • Raindrop Spa 2777-2880
  • Yoga con Cyn 8771-7777
  • Manu Yoga Retreats
  • Costa Verde Hotel 2777-0584