Baldi Hot Springs

The renowned Baldi Hot Springs is the most extensive thermal spring facility in the Arenal region… and in the world! Its impressive 25 thermal pools wind elegantly through the lush tropical flora and fauna so characteristic of the area, complete with brightly-colored birds, swaying tropical trees and fragrant flowers.

Like the Tabacon Hot Springs, the Baldi Hot Springs came first and were long beloved by all who visited. The hotel came about later on and was constructed respecting the paths and flows of the natural springs. As you explore the mineral-rich springs, with its series of cascading waterfalls, pools and streams, you’ll find that the different areas of the springs have different temperatures (from 33ºC to 67ºC), flows and pool sizes, providing the perfect haven of tranquility for every visitor.

The springs are naturally heated and mineralized by the underground magma of the Arenal Volcano. In addition to the sense of sublime relaxation they provide, the thermal waters are famous for their healing properties.

The complex also includes a jacuzzi pool for 60 people, Costa Rica’s largest sauna and, for the young and young at heart, even waterslides.

Access to Baldi Hot Springs

If you’re staying at the resort, you’re in luck… entrance to the Baldi Hot Springs is included! However, if you, like many folks, are considering visiting for the day, you have a variety of day pass options from which to choose. Passes range from $35/adult/day for entrance only to $57/adult/day for entrance plus lunch or dinner to $79/adult/day for entrance plus lunch and dinner. You can book your day pass ahead of time, but the facility is so extensive that booking far ahead of time isn’t necessary.

Getting to Baldi Hot Springs

You’ll find the Baldi Hot Springs just a couple kilometers west of the town of La Fortuna just off the main road 142 to the Arenal Volcano.