Costa Rica Rainforest All Inclusive


Rainforests, cloud forests, tropical dry forests, lush jungles like you’ve never seen before

Costa Rica is exploration and adventure hand in hand

Are you considering a trip to Costa Rica? In a world of vanishing rainforests, Costa Rica’s lush tropical expanse shines like a beacon of inspiration for the rest of the planet to follow. Little wonder Costa Rica has become a mecca of eco-tourism – a full one-quarter of its land mass is protected and over half of the country is pure forest! In this rainforest paradise, you will get up close and personal with some of the rarest birds, animals, plant life and natural formations left in the world today.

Best of all, you can customize your tour in every way when you travel with us! Add your own special touches to your Costa Rica all inclusive rainforest vacation, including adventures in zip-lining, bungee jumping, white water rafting, hikes and trekking, spelunking, nature observation, guided rainforest tours, canopy tours, bird watching, visits to waterfalls and so much more!

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your incredible help with planning our wonderful honeymoon and for providing assistance during as well. As you know, I was a bit hesitant at times but having gone through it all now we could not possibly have been happier! All of your recommendations turned out to be fabulous, both resorts and excursions, and the service you provided along the way was magnificent. You truly played a big role in one of the most memorable experiences of our lives and I cannot thank you enough. I wish you all the best and will certainly be recommending both your company and you specifically to anyone looking to visit your beautiful country. Thanks again and take care!

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We don’t do big trips very often but Costa Rica was on our families list of must sees. We visited La Fortuna for 3 Days and Manual Antonio for 6 days. Locos4Travel gave tons of advice and insight on hotel choices, destinations and activities. They set us up with zip-lining, ATV adventures, a sailing/snorkeling cruise, and transportation for our entire trip. We had great customer service with everybody we dealt with and whenever I had a concern it was easy to get hold of them to answer my questions. Loved Costa Rica and looking forward to going back and doing some more exploring as 9 days is not enough time. Thanks

Steve Sheely

Los Quetzales National Park

(Santa Maria District, central Costa Rica)

Head down into the heart of Costa Rica, as you travel to Los Quetzales National Park, where the famous cloud forests reveal their secrets to a select small number of lucky travelers.

When you start your costa rica rainforest all inclusive vacation here, you will experience a special type of tropical jungle: Cloud forests are unlike any other natural phenomenon you have encountered. Grab hold of the unique opportunity to experience a high-elevation ecosystem that will leave you marveling at how this is the same Costa Rica you see in mass market brochure photos.

Cloud forests take their name from their high elevation “up in the clouds.” As such, you may feel you are actually flying above the rest of the world as you move through the cool, refreshing mist from nearby rainbow-studded waterfalls. Expect to witness rare orchids perched in the curves of tree branches, stealthy tayras and perhaps even a silent mountain lion – or at least a footprint along your path. Keep your eyes peeled for the mysterious and legendary bird the park is named for – the Resplendent Quetzal!

Some of the best lodging in the region is clustered right around Los Quetzales National Park, many providing stunning mountain views and unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. Hotel options in this area are typically not all-inclusive, but many offer great meal packages and other unique amenities you won’t find in “big box” hotels.

Cano Negro, La Fortuna, Arenal

(North Central Costa Rica)

Cano Negro (pronounced “cah-no nay-grow”) is home to the third most important wetland ecosystem in the world, Cano Negro Wildlife Preserve. If you’ve ever dreamed of spying the vulnerable slim-snouted prehistoric crocodile, the Caiman, up close and personal, this is your chance! Rare monkeys, ocelots, iguanas, turtles, roseate spoonbills and seldom seen aquatic species are your neighbors as you tour the region.

Travelers lucky enough to make it here get to stay nearby in the equally well-known La Fortuna and Arenal (“are-eh-nahl”) region, which offers ready access to the country’s own internationally famous volcano, Arenal.

For coffee lovers, Arenal is “the spot” to visit – even the slopes leading up to the famous smoldering peak are covered in exquisite coffee plantations where you will be invited to sample the freshest brews you’ve ever tasted!

Hotels in this area often offer meal packages and all will feature lovely amenities to help you rest, relax and unwind after another exciting day of adventures!


(Northwest Pacific Coastline)

Guanacaste (pronounced “gwahn-uh-cast”) sits along the gorgeous northwestern Costa Rican coastline. Less wet than the rest of the country, this province is home to the Liberia Airport (LIR), if you fly here you will have less than an hour drive before catching your first glimpse of true Pacific Ocean beach beauty.

Expect to see true volcanic sand on these exuberant beaches – courtesy of towering volcanoes that stretch for miles above! Some of the region’s most famous beaches will be your personal playground – visit Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa, Playa Flamingo and many more during your stay.

More than 250 documented bird species and several increasingly rare animal species call Guanacaste National Park home. Catch glimpses of snoozing three-toed sloths, gentle primitive tapir grazing and fierce puma and jaguars during your jungle tour.

This northwestern province is home to an amazing array of outdoor adventures. Miles of unspoiled coastline, lush tropical dry forests and towering volcanoes are yours to explore. We arrange your stay in all-inclusive or a la carte eco-hotels and lodges that put you on the very edge of nature at its wildest.

Run through mountain waterfalls, witness jaw-dropping geysers in action, soak in locally famous hot springs and luxuriate in rejuvenating volcanic mud fumaroles. Stay on the edge of pure wilderness while sacrificing none of the luxury so integral to Costa Rican hospitality. This is also the area in Costa Rica where you can find true all inclusive hotels that cater to your every desire.

Build the Costa Rica rainforest all inclusive package vacation of your dreams with a little help from our friendly, knowledgeable travel concierges. Work with your own personal Locos4Travel travel concierge to plan your itinerary day by day.

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