Costa Rica Eco Tours All Inclusive


Enjoy an all-inclusive trip and still do your part to protect the environment

Costa Rica All Inclusive Eco Tourism

Eco tourism is an exciting and important way to travel the world while minimizing your impact. Also known as sustainable tourism, eco-friendly travel is a means of seeing a new place without doing harm to the natural environment or its residents. In a place of incredible natural beauty like Costa Rica, it should come as no surprise that eco tourism is thriving. If you are considering a trip, then consider the benefits of Costa Rica eco tours all inclusive options for the best possible vacation that can also be good for the planet.

Great Reasons to Try an Eco Tourism Getaway

So why, exactly, are travelers gravitating toward Costa Rica tours all inclusive getaways? To start, Costa Rica may just be one of the best possible destinations for those who love and appreciate the beauty of nature. From volcanoes to beaches, zip-lining through the tree canopy of a rainforest to bird watching, there are an unending number of ways to be right in the middle of Costa Rica’s gorgeous scenery.

Costa Rica also has a tradition of protecting and preserving its greatest asset: the land itself. Currently, just over 25% of the entire country is protected through the national parks system. Just as much of the land again is protected in other ways such as being a designated wildlife corridor or refuge. Over the last 30 years, Costa Rica has taken great strides to protect the natural landscape and resources. This effort will go a long way in preserving the country’s appeal for generations to come.

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Recommended Eco Tourism Packages in Costa Rica

With so much to do and see in Costa Rica, travelers should aim to spend 7 to 10 days in the country. That allows you to visit and stay in two or three different areas, giving you the opportunity to see a range of locations and scenery during your trip.

Perhaps the top eco friendly destination in Costa Rica is Monteverde. Located in the Cordillera de Tilaran between two lush cloud forests, this is a hidden gem in Costa Rica that is best known for its amazing biodiversity. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve boasts epic views and a cooler climate than down at sea level. This means is the ideal place for hiking, admiring the local flora and fauna and unwinding in green, boutique accommodation nearby.

If you’re in the mood for breathtaking natural beauty and something a little more dramatic, make your way to Arenal. The highlight of the area is the Arenal Volcano, which erupted as recently as 2010. Hiking around the base of the volcano or getting active on Lake Arenal are two spectacular ways to spend the day in the area. The nearby town of La Fortuna is the gateway to Arenal, and it is a charming destination where you can spot capuchin monkeys and purchase fresh, organic produce for shockingly low prices.

When many travelers think of Costa Rica, they imagine the coastal areas. If you want to combine the convenience and luxury of an all-inclusive resort and still be eco-friendly, your best bet is to head to Guanacaste. Along the Pacific coast, this destination is lined with volcanic beaches, opportunities to get active in and out of the water, and lively culinary and nightlife scenes perfect for the end of a long day of outdoor adventures.

Who Should Consider a Costa Rica All Inclusive Eco Tourism Package

An eco friendly getaway to Costa Rica is almost universally appealing, but there are certain people who will benefit most from this type of travel. To start, anyone who makes environmental care a priority should consider eco tourism. By choosing sustainable accommodation and working with green tour providers, you can fully enjoy your trip knowing that you’re helping, not hurting, the local environment.

Costa Rica eco tours all inclusive options are also ideal for those who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. Many popular eco tourism activities take place outside and let you spend time in the great outdoors, so you should be a traveler who is eager to leave the big resorts behind and get off the beaten track in nature.

Finally, an eco friendly trip is recommended for anyone who wants to travel responsibly but doesn’t want to spend days researching the best eco-friendly options in Costa Rica. Having a travel professional customize your trip and add in all the extras allows you to fully relax and watch your stress disappear as you enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer.

Through Locos4Travel, you can prioritize your eco-friendly desires and still have an unforgettable trip in Costa Rica. Let professionals handle the planning, finding you spots you’ve never heard of and organizing adventures you’ll never forget.