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Locos4Travel Costa Rica All Inclusive Sun & Fun Vacations

Spanning from the Pacific to the Caribbean in Central America, the lush and beautiful Costa Rica is the ideal destination for sun-seeking vacationers. If the day-in, day-out nature of work has you down, explore real nature and let loose with a Costa Rica beach all inclusive vacation. Ideal for the family or as a romantic getaway, this wondrous nation has everything you need for that break you’ve been needing from work. From incredible scenery and exotic wildlife to an endless array of exciting activities – like snorkeling, zip-lining, jungle ATV rides, and more – Costa Rica provides all the thrills! With Locos4Travel Costa Rica, these thrills can be yours to experience with a custom-built vacation.

Tailor made Beach Packages

Locos4Travel Costa Rica offers a variety of Costa Rica beach vacations, all inclusive – meaning that everything is covered, from the hotel you’ll be staying at to the outdoors adventures you’ll be excitedly embarking upon. If you’re traveling with your significant other, let us work out the perfect package for you and provide an experience that both of you will never forget. Costa Rica has a variety of secluded, adult-only resorts that are perfect for having your every need catered to on demand. Alternatively, we can set you up with a private villa – if, perhaps, you and your loved one were needing a private bit of Costa Rica to enjoy immensely to yourselves late into the night.

Here is what people have to ay about us:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your incredible help with planning our wonderful honeymoon and for providing assistance during as well. As you know, I was a bit hesitant at times but having gone through it all now we could not possibly have been happier! All of your recommendations turned out to be fabulous, both resorts and excursions, and the service you provided along the way was magnificent. You truly played a big role in one of the most memorable experiences of our lives and I cannot thank you enough. I wish you all the best and will certainly be recommending both your company and you specifically to anyone looking to visit your beautiful country. Thanks again and take care!

Chris Merkle

We don’t do big trips very often but Costa Rica was on our families list of must sees. We visited La Fortuna for 3 Days and Manual Antonio for 6 days. Locos4Travel gave tons of advice and insight on hotel choices, destinations and activities. They set us up with zip-lining, ATV adventures, a sailing/snorkeling cruise, and transportation for our entire trip. We had great customer service with everybody we dealt with and whenever I had a concern it was easy to get hold of them to answer my questions. Loved Costa Rica and looking forward to going back and doing some more exploring as 9 days is not enough time. Thanks

Steve Sheely

Sunshine and quality time with your loved ones!

We can craft more family-friendly experiences too, of course. If the notion of planning family vacations seems daunting, and you’re thinking it’s just too complicated, don’t let this keep you from getting away! Locos4Travel Costa Rica gives you the ability to sit back and relax while everything gets planned for you with a Costa Rica all inclusive vacation. This is the very essence of a “hands-off” vacation, where we plan everything out for you. No need to fret about every little detail! We can ask you about your preferences and determine your options – such as staying at a single resort or several to experience several locales. We can line up thrill-seeking individuals with exciting adventures in the rainforest, or we can hook you up with an itinerary marked with little more than “I’d like to just chill at the beach after this long year, thank you.”

At Locos4Travel, we recommend a seven-to-10-day Costa Rica beach all inclusive vacation package that’ll give you the best of what this breathtakingly beautiful country has to offer. If you’re a beach fanatic who obsesses about the thought of sand between your toes and the sun warming your skin, this is the package for you! Exuberant greenery more luscious than any you’ve seen before makes for perfect backdrop to your rest and relaxation. Our packages can include regions like Guanacaste and Manuel Antonio on the Pacific and Puerto Viejo (Limon) on the Caribbean.


Guanacaste is where you’ll find all sorts of all inclusive resorts, where everything you could possibly want is included in your stay – food, delicious cocktails (or beers and straight shots of tequila, if that’s what you dig!), jungle trips, beachside watersports, and more. This can make for a very convenient package that takes away a lot of hassle and maximizes enjoyment. Not all of the hotels are all-inclusive, but many offer full meal packages, trip bundles, and more. Guanacaste itself provides no shortage of things to do, as this is where Santa Rosa National Park and several popular beaches – like Playa Hermosa and Playa Blanca – reside.

Puerto Viejo (Limon Province)

If the thought of looking out on the Caribbean tickles your fancy, Puerto Viejo is another place where our package can take you straight to paradise. This place is home to a lot of calm and secluded resorts, including many that out deep in the forest. For romantic getaways, this might be the perfect choice. It doesn’t have to all be calm in Puerto Viejo, however, as plenty of excursions can be made into the Tortuguero or Barra del Colorado national parks. With wildlife refuges, volcanoes, private beaches, remote resorts, and more, Puerto Viejo is ideal for complete and total immersion in the Costa Rican experience. If you were looking for the one way to get away, this is it.

Manuel Antonio

Home to the leafy expanse of the Manuel Antonio National Park, this ocean front destination serves as the optimal place for thrill-seeking vacationers. Interested in going on a canopy safari or plummeting toward Earth as a skydiver? Do you love the idea of looking for exotic animals in one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet? Here’s your place! The park is just the right size for a day-long hike. There’s a variety of accommodations here as well, ranging from expansive nature resorts to condos and private villas overlooking the ocean. As part of an all-inclusive package, Manuel Antonio has some of the best Costa Rican offerings, including beaches like Playa Biesanz and Playa Manuel Antonio that are renowned for swimming and snorkeling.

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