Monteverde, Costa Rica Nightlife

Monteverde is a quiet destination without a big city nightlife. The most common nightly activities are after-dark hikes in one of the parks. If you are in the mood for a drink or to some dancing you can venturing out and discover the Santa Elena bar scene. Here is a list of places you can check out to enjoy the Monteverde Costa Rica nightlife.

Bar Amigos Pub/Disco

+506 2645-5071
One of Monteverde’s most popular nighttime hangouts, Bar Amigos has everything you could want on a night out: good food, good drinks, and a great atmosphere! There is a large dance floor and a stage that has live bands on some nights. With large picture windows overlooking the Mountains, Bar Amigos also has a great view. This is the place where Monteverde’s nightlife really comes alive; the crowd there is usually a good mix of locals and visitors, so you won’t feel like the odd one out!

La Taberna DiscoBar

+506 2645-5883
La Taberna is one of Monteverde’s oldest and best known nighttime establishments. You can find La Taberna on the road towards Monteverde, just a short walk from the Santa Elena main street. This spot is very popular with the younger crowd. There are usually live bands or just dance music on most nights.

Moon Shiva Pub/Restaurant

+506 2645-6270
Moon Shiva is a great place to go out with friends (or on a date!) to enjoy live music, eat good food, and have some drinks. Known for their delicious Mediterranean cuisine and great atmosphere, Moon Shiva is a great place to check out if you’re looking for something to do at night.

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