Manuel Antonio Weather

Costa Rica is full of microclimates due to its diverse geography, especially in the mountain ranges that run all through the country. Higher places often have cooler temperatures and more frequent rain; compared to the coastal region that traditionally has higher temperatures. All these microclimates give each region its own distinct weather pattern. If you visit Manuel Antonio during the Sunny Season and then you go back during the Green Season you will be see how the climate changes enhance the beauty of the rainforest.

Manuel Antonio weather is is beautiful year-round, characterized by its hot and humid days. This weather combination makes for some spectacular rainforests and beaches. The weather changes somewhat from year to year. The temperatures range from around 70-85 Fº during the Green Season, and 75-90 Fº during the Sunny Season. The days begin around 5:30am when the sun rises and come to an end when it sets around 5:30-6:00 pm depending on the time of the year.

January – April, commonly consists of sunny, hot, humid days and warm nights. However, the tropical rainforest sometimes surprises you and you can find yourself under a heavy shower on some days. The Costa Rican Green Season (May – December) on the other hand, can get heavy rains in certain areas of the country so make sure you ready for it and pack accordingly! Always keep in mind that even during this time of year the mornings can be sunny. Check the weather forecast, as this will give you an idea of what to expect.

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