Monteverde Costa Rica Weather

The weather in Costa Rica can vary greatly depending on where you are. It seems unlikely, but there are many different microclimates inside this small patch of land. The Montverde region is one of the best examples of this. Due to its high altitude (4,662 feet/1,440 meters) Monteverde is usually covered in clouds and fog. These Monteverde Costa Rica weather conditions keep the surrounding forest moist year round, making it an exuberant and unique part of Costa Rica’s natural heritage.

The average annual temperature in Monteverde is 65.84 F According to the National Meteorological institute the warmest months in Monteverde are April and May when the average temperature 74.3 F, while January and February are the coldest with an average of 57.02 F The average annual temperature is 65.84 F.

The annual rainfall of Monteverde is 118 inches. The sunny season lasts from December until March, but it is important to remember that because of the altitude light rains are also common during this time. The altitude also causes Monteverde to be extremely windy, something that is constant throughout the year. This means that it’s always a good idea to pack warm impermeable clothes.

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