Monteverde in September

In September, the rainy season is in full swing. If you’re hoping for lots of sunshine and clear days, then visiting Monteverde in September may not be ideal. However, those who bring along waterproof hiking pants, a hat and a windbreaker will be prepared to explore Monteverde in any conditions. Fortunately, the climate is not cold in September. The average daily low is 66 degrees, which most people find very comfortable.

The benefit of visiting Monteverde in the middle of the rainy season is that the prices can be cheaper than any other time of year. In September, all the summer travelers from Europe and North America have gone home. It is the ideal time to explore Monteverde without crowds, and it a fantastic time to get a true, authentic feel for the region. If you’re hoping to stay in one of the top hotels in Monteverde Costa Rica, September is the least expensive time to do so. Check into the Ficus Sunset Suites for a luxurious accommodation choice in Monteverde. The Ficus Sunset Suites was built from indigenous wood, and it is the ideal home base for local adventures. The hotel is also a short walk from the Monteverde Beer House, which serves up international beers as well as excellent Middle Eastern cuisine.

September 15th is a huge festival in Costa Rica that marks the country’s independence from Spain. Don’t be surprised if you hear groups of people singing the national anthem loudly throughout the day. Head into town at sunset to watch children parade through Monteverde with beautiful lanterns as the sky turns dark.

If the weather is rainy, then September is the ideal time to do some local souvenir shopping. The Artisan’s Cooperative, also known as CASEM, is made up of over 100 local artists and craftspeople who create unique gifts that truly represent the region and the culture of Monteverde.