Monteverde in November

What Monteverde in November looks like?

November brings the tail end of the rainy season to Monteverde. While heavy rain is still common at this time of year, things are already drying out slightly toward the end of the month. The end of November also brings an influx of visitors, many of them Americans enjoying their Thanksgiving holidays. If you are hoping for affordable flights and accommodation, then planning your trip for the beginning of November is a smart idea.

While it’s exciting to see the end of the rainy season approaching, don’t leave your rain jacket behind just yet. Temperatures at night are around 64 degrees, so packing a sweater or a light jacket is recommended.

One of the most exciting days to be in Monteverde is November 2nd, also known as Dia de los Muertos. This festival marks the day of the dead, so don’t be surprised to see locals flocking to the nearby graveyards to visit their ancestors. Even if you don’t take part, this is a unique experience to see in person. Continue the theme of things a little spooky by checking out the Serpentarium Monteverde. Just five minutes from Santa Elena, this park is home to more than 40 types of snakes as well as toads, lizards and turtles.

Many visitors who come to Monteverde in November plan longer stays thanks to the affordable prices of the season. A great place to stay for a few days or even a few weeks is the Hotel Cabanas Los Pinos. The hotel offers rustic cabins, letting you connect with nature while still being close to the amenities of Santa Elena. You’ll still be within walking distance of establishments like Quimera’s, a quirky restaurant serving up tapas-style food that is perfect for sharing with friends.

During the first part of November Monteverde is very accesible from a cost perspective. The destination will not be crowded and you will be able to experience a lush, verdant, cloudy environment. However it does rain a lot. If you decide to come to Monteverde in November you have to be confortable with the rain and be well prepared for it.