Monteverde in March

March is officially the driest month of the year in Monteverde, which means that it is the ultimate time to head outdoors without fear of rainfall. Temperatures hold steady between 64 and 82 degrees most days, translating to comfortable, warm weather that is perfect for adventures in the great outdoors. Bring along clothing that will keep you dry as you hike, because the humidity is still high in March.

Visiting Monteverde in March means lots of fellow visitors enjoying Spring Break in Costa Rica. Fortunately, the coastal destinations will be a lot busier than the rainforest reserves in places like Monteverde. However, you won’t be able to snag great deals at the last minutes, because most guided tours and hotels are booked well in advance. This is especially true for the first and last weeks of March. In the first week of March, the Monteverde Music Festival continues. In the last week of March, the pre-Easter celebrations are usually getting into full swing.

Since it is dry, warm and virtually free from mosquitoes at the high elevation of Monteverde, March is the ideal time to try glamping. Just 10 minutes from the Cloud Forest Reserve is the Chira Glamping Monteverde, an unusual and unforgettable way to stay right in the beautiful scenery of the forest. Just a brief walk from the hotel is Don Luis, a fabulous restaurant with international cuisine and exceptional views over the landscape.

One of the most exciting things to do in Monteverde Costa Rica is explore Selvatura Park. This incredible outdoor destination lets you tour the tree canopy, ride zip-lines through the trees and experience the region in a truly thrilling way.