Monteverde in January

If you’re looking for the best weather that Costa Rica has to offer, January is often the top pick. In Monteverde, temperatures hover between 65 and 80 degrees, and rainfall is minimal. While there is virtually no rain on the coasts, Monteverde’s lush green atmosphere still needs the occasional afternoon or evening rainfall. With that in mind, pack a raincoat in case it rains after a day of outdoor activity.

The nice weather means that Monteverde in January is busy for tourism. It is smart to book hotels and flights in advance, and even some activities can get crowded. Costs may also be higher in January, but the tradeoff is that you can enjoy a nearly perfect climate for your trip.

January in Monteverde literally kicks off with a bang, thanks to New Year’s celebrations. Fireworks, feasts and lots of celebrating is to be expected. Some businesses may be closed at the beginning of January. If the higher costs of a January trip are eating into your travel budget, choose a meal at an inexpensive local restaurant like Soda La Amistad, which serves up tasty and affordable dishes. You can also reduce costs by staying at the Hotel Monteverde Inn, an inexpensive and colorful accommodation choice.

With such nice weather in January, now is the time to explore the famed Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This biodiverse reserve contains a staggering number of plants and animals, and it even straddles the Continental Divide. Head there in the morning to beat the crowds and any chance of afternoon rain.