Monteverde in August

What Monteverde in August looks like?

The beginning of the August experiences a mini dry season in the midst of summer, a phenomenon known as veranillo. This means that the first two weeks of August are drier than the last two weeks. That dry period is also much busier, with international travelers squeezing in their vacations before heading back to the start of a new school year.

If you wait until the second half of August for your trip, you’ll be rewarded with smaller crowds and cheaper hotel prices. You’ll also have slightly more rain, but the temperatures are typically in the 70s throughout the day. While it might technically be the cooler season, it’s still warm and humid. Shorts and T-shirts are the preferred clothing choice for most travelers.

August 15th is Mother’s Day in Costa Rica, and that is more than just a time to buy a card and take your mom out to brunch. Instead, Mother’s Day is a paid holiday and a national holiday in Costa Rica. Be prepared for many establishments to be closed that day.

The Hotel Tropico Monteverde is a great place to stay in August. Located right in the village of Santa Elena Monteverde, the hotel is very convenient. You can easily walk to local restaurants like Taco Taco, a local favorite serving up quick and delicious cuisine. The chips and guacamole made with local organic avocados should definitely make it onto your plate!

One of the top things to do in Monteverde in August, or indeed any time of year, is visit the Curi Cancha Wildlife Reserve. You can hike miles of beautiful and clearly marked trails, soaking in the beauty of the landscape. Along the way, look out for more than 200 bird species that call the reserve their home. For added fun, try out the guided nighttime tours that let you experience the wildlife reserve in a whole new way.