Monteverde in April

April is another dry, sunny month in Monteverde. There may be occasional rain at night, but the days are warm and welcoming. In fact, you’ll probably want to bring along plenty of shorts and gear for outdoor adventures, because it can get hot when you’re active, even at the high elevation of Monteverde.

Monteverde in April sees plenty of international tourists, but it is also a popular month for locals to travel. That means all businesses and attractions will be open, but it also means there can be crowds. You can still have an incredible experience, but it might mean getting to major destinations earlier in the day to avoid the rush.

The biggest holiday in April is typically Semana Santa, or Easter Week. As you’re planning your trip, make sure to factor this into your itinerary. Many attractions can be closed on the days before and after Easter Sunday, so have alternative activities planned. A top way to spend an April day in Monteverde is by exploring the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. Run by the Arenal Conservation Area, this is an otherworldly destination where clouds and mist almost constantly hang in the air. Walk through the clouds as you spot over 100 types of mammals and more than 400 types of birds.

After a day of exploring the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, refuel with some amazing food from the Restaurante Mar y Tierra. This family-owned restaurant is located just outside of the preserve, and it offers an extensive menu featuring local meat and fish-based dishes. Then, make your way to the Camino Verde Bed and Breakfast, a charming place to stay with stunning views of Nicoya Bay and the surrounding mountains.