Manuel Antonio in November

In November, the weather in Manuel Antonio shifts dramatically. At the beginning of the month, it may still feel like the rainy season. By the end of the month, however, the dry season has begun. You can expect a sharp reduction in rainfall and an increase in sunshine hours.

However, you can also expect the number of travelers to increase in direct proportion to the temperature! Travelers start to flock to the beaches of Manuel Antonio in November as the weather shifts. American travelers, in particular, tend to come over the Thanksgiving holidays. That means hotel prices can increase, and it also means that you’ll need to book your accommodation as far in advance as possible.

As long as you pack a waterproof jacket for a potential afternoon rainshower, you’ll have no trouble getting outdoors and enjoying the incredible natural beauty of Manuel Antonio. An unforgettable way to experience the landscape is with a horseback riding tour. You can choose to ride a horse right on the sandy shoreline of the beach, or you can ride through the forest and take in some stunning waterfalls along the way. Be sure to bring along a camera, because this is one scenic adventure you will want to document forever! If you’re concerned about the weather at all, aim for an earlier horseback riding tour. Rain is far less likely in the morning than it is in the late afternoon.

If you’re traveling to Manuel Antonio at the start of the month, then you might be able to enjoy the annual celebration known as Dia de los Inocentes. This is Costa Rica’s answer to the Mexican Day of the Dead, and it is a big event throughout the country. In Manuel Antonio, large groups head to the graveyards and then indulge in some traditional food, drink and music. It’s a sight to behold, and if you’re in town you won’t want to miss out.

Since tourism numbers increase in November, it pays to book your accommodation early. Fortunately, there are lots of options available to choose from. If you’re looking for a hotel that lets you escape the crowds, try the Hotel Divisamar. It’s located a short distance from the main beaches, which means a quiet environment, and it’s also a boutique hotel with just two dozen guestrooms. Best of all, it is run by a Costa Rican family, so you’ll be getting an authentic trip experience. Just a two-minute walk from the hotel is Barba Roja, a beloved local restaurant serving up a diverse menu of seafood dishes, burgers, international cuisine, cocktails and more. If you have room after dinner, try the decadently sweet coconut flan!

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