Manuel Antonio in July

Manuel Antonio in July is a surprisingly busy time of year. Although it is part of the green season, and there is usually at least a little rain each day, there are still lots of visitors flocking to the beaches from around the world. That’s partly because of a phenomenon known as veranillo. This mini dry season means that total rainfall dips in July, making it a smart time to visit if you’re hoping for less rain and more sunshine.

Of course, it also means more international travelers and busier flights. While prices still aren’t as high as in peak season, don’t expect bargain prices in July if you’re coming from Europe or North America. As a rule of thumb, pack for both sunny and rainy weather. It can switch from cloudless and sunny to thundering in a matter of minutes, so pack whatever you need to be prepared for both possible conditions.

While there is always plenty to do in Manuel Antonio, some visitors decided to take a day trip up the Pacific Coast to visit Punta Arenas. In July, this destination celebrates Fiesta de la Virgen del Mar. This festival includes feasting, parades, fireworks and regattas. There are bus tours that depart from Manuel Antonio up to Punta Arenas and back for the day.

If you’d prefer to spend your entire vacation in Manuel Antonio, don’t miss the chance to get your adrenaline flowing with a jet ski adventure. You can drive a jet ski by yourself or let an expert take the wheel, but be prepared to get seriously wet and enjoy some thrills in the ocean! Refuel at a fascinating restaurant called El Avion. A former military plane turned restaurant is an unparalleled location to dine on family-friendly fare and a cold beer. Round out the stay with a room at the nearby Hotel Villa Roca, a welcoming spot with a 24-hour bar and a spectacular infinity pool with ocean views.

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