Manuel Antonio in February

Manuel Antonio in February is right in the middle of the dry season, making it a popular time of year to visit. Lots of sunshine, very little warm and temperatures hovering around 82 degrees Fahrenheit each afternoon set a pretty fantastic scene for a vacation. Since Manuel Antonio is a beach destination, it’s smart to pack plenty of swimming gear for a trip this time of year. Sunscreen and a hat is also recommended if you’ll be hitting the beach or the pool much.

Of course, that perfect climate comes with some downsides. Namely, that there are so many other visitors that want to be in Manuel Antonio at the same time of year! Be prepared for slightly bigger crowds on some of the most popular beaches as well as higher rates on things like flights and hotels. There are several big festivals held in February, and one of the biggest is the Sun Festival. Held on February 25th, this is the Mayan version of the New Year, and it is marked with a fire ceremony that you won’t want to miss.

Since February is a great time to hit the beach, make sure you visit the beautiful Biesanz Beach. It takes a short hike to get to the secluded white-sand cove, but it is well worth the brief journey. You can even rent water sports equipment right on the beach! One of the closest hotels to the beach is the Shana Hotel, an upscale accommodation choice with luxurious rooms and an amazing spa. Even if you’re not a guest of the Shana Hotel, it’s worth visiting for the food. The hotel is home to Bella Vista Restaurant, a beautiful spot where chefs whip up fantastic cuisine using local, organic ingredients.

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