Manuel Antonio in August

While the beginning of August can be slightly drier than the second half of the month, this is still a wet and green time of year in Manuel Antonio. If you’re looking for a getaway where you can pamper yourself and stay within a reasonable budget, then visiting Manuel Antonio in August is a savvy idea. Hotel prices are cheaper than ever in August, and there are some wonderful deals available to those who plan their trips in advance.

For a much lower price than in peak season, you can book a room at the Si Como No Resort, Spa and Wildlife Refuge. There, indulge in some upscale treatments as you bask in the beauty of the area. Alternatively, you can stay at a cheaper hotel and spend your savings at one of the great independent spas in the region. At Raindrop Spa, for example, you can get a massage while you view the lush green gardens outside. Plus, the indoor nature of the spa means that your plans won’t be altered if it happens to rain in the afternoon. If you want to continue with the healthy lifestyle, enjoy a vegetarian meal at the Falafel Bar, which serves up delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

The largest religious celebration of the year takes place during the first week of August. Known as Día de Nuestra Señora de la Virgen de los Ángeles, or the Virgin of Los Angeles Day, the celebration is a busy time for churches but typically won’t impact tourism much, if at all. If you plan on visiting a church on this day, or any other, bringing along some modest clothing ensures that you’ll feel appropriately dressed. While there isn’t usually a strict dress code, typical beach vacation attire may not be sufficient.

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