Manuel Antonio in April

April is still very much part of the sunny and dry season in Manuel Antonio, so it’s the ideal time for many visitors to hit the beach. It also happens to be one of the busiest times of the whole year to visit Costa Rica. Thanks to Easter vacations around the world, plenty of international travelers flock to the beaches of Manuel Antonio. Many Costa Ricans also choose to take their vacations in April, making coastal destinations very busy.

You’ll often have to deal with bigger crowds if you visit Manuel Antonio in April, so it is very important to book hotel rooms several months in advance. Popular choices like the El Faro Beach Hotel, with its ocean views and two swimming pools, often sells out of rooms six full months in advance. As long as you plan a few months in advance, you’ll have plenty of choice for your accommodation.

Keep in mind that Easter often falls during April. Easter Week, known locally as Semana Santa, is especially busy. Many local restaurants and attractions will be closed on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, but there are still plenty of tourist-oriented businesses that will stay open.

April is a fantastic time of year to go mountain biking in Manuel Antonio. There are several great guided tours that will supply you with the right mountain bike, gear and even a packed lunch. Then, you can bike through palm plantations, spot monkeys in the rainforest and soak in spectacular cliffside views along the way. The ideal time of day to go on a mountain biking tour in April is early in the morning. You’ll be able to do a lot of riding before the heat of the day sets in, and you can usually avoid the rare but possible afternoon rain.

After a day of mountain biking in Manuel Antonio, treat yourself to a wonderful meal at one of the most popular restaurants in the area. El Wagon is a charming, cozy restaurant with a warm wooden interior. There’s a full international menu of culinary treats that await, but visitors flock to El Wagon for the tasty pizzas with all kinds of local toppings.

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