Arenal Costa Rica Weather

Trying to plan what time of year to travel or what to pack into your limited suitcase space?

The weather in Arenal can be a bit unpredictable. One moment you are basking in the sunshine and ten minutes later you may find yourself running for cover from a downpour. However, Arenal Costa Rica weather changes quickly and often, so don’t be deterred if you wake up to a morning drizzle.

Costa Rica has a tropical climate, and needless to say that goes for Arenal and its surroundings as well. Temperatures are high and don’t vary much from month to month, the air is humid and the days are long year-round. Temperatures don’t stray far from 85°F (30°C), so leave your winter coat at home.

The most notable variable in Arenal’s weather forecasts is rainfall. While there aren’t defined seasons in terms of temperatures, there is a wet season (November – April) and a dry season (May – October), but no matter what time of year you plan your travels, rainfall will likely come into play at some point. A light rain jacket or poncho will come in handy, so plan your packing list accordingly!

Trust us, once you see the country’s verdant landscapes and unparalleled natural beauty, you’ll be thankful for that rain!

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