Arenal in May

As April turns to May in Arenal, there is a definite shift in the weather. While temperatures remain in the high 70s throughout May, you should also expect a little more rain each day. Fortunately, in Arenal in May rain is still typically limited to late afternoons and evenings, freeing up the mornings for all kinds of outdoor fun and exploration.

Since there’s a chance you’re already going to get a little wet, why not go river rafting? Tours can take you to one of three rivers in the area: The Toro, the Balsa and the Peñas Blancas. Whether you’re into serious rapids or you’re hoping for an easier journey, there is a river and a section that will work for you. Bring a bathing suit, because this will be a literal splash!

Visiting Arenal in May is a smart move because the crowds are low at this time of year. If you’re planning a last-minute trip, you might stumble onto some staggering deals. If you book flights and hotels early, however, the savings can be even bigger. Even upscale hotels like the world class Springs Resort & Spa at Arenal can offer discounts during the month of May. Staying there is a true delight thanks to a long list of amenities and 15 different pools for exclusive guest use. It is also home to the onsite restaurant Las Ventanas, which boasts angled windows and some of the best views in all of Costa Rica. Even if you’re not a guest of the resort, you can make reservations to dine at this amazing locale.

While the resort is private, you may want to head into the nearest town if you’re in Arenal on May 1st. Labor Day, or Dia de los Trabajadores, is a major holiday in Costa Rica. Many businesses are closed, there are parades in most towns and cities, and the atmosphere is fun and festive.

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