Arenal in July

July can be a strange month in Costa Rica. Although July is most definitely in the heart of the green and rainy season, it also experiences a brief dry spell known as veranillo. This mini summer is a few weeks when rain slows and temperatures remain mild and comfortable. This also coincides with the holiday schedule for many Costa Ricans. This means that Arenal in July can be busy thanks to both domestic and international visitors. Some travelers appreciate this mix, and it can be a more authentic cultural experience at this time of year.

That is especially true if you are able to visit the Maleku Indian Village. At the Indigenous Cultural Rescue Center, visitors can learn more about the indigenous people of the area. You can listen to the local language, watch traditional dances and dine on the delicious regional cuisine. Bring along some comfortable hiking boots, because you may be able to enjoy a short trek around the village into the surrounding countryside.

Most of Lake Arenal falls within the province of Guanacaste. In July of each year, the annexation of Guanacaste from Nicaragua is widely celebrated. In Arenal, you can expect the 25th of July to be a day of rodeos, parades, music and vibrant culture. Even if you’re enjoying the great outdoors, take some time on this day to head to the nearest town or city to participate in this wonderful celebration.

If you would like to stay on the northern shores of Lake Arenal, you’re on a budget and you love great beer, then plan to stay at the Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery. Just like the name suggests, it’s a great mix of beer and accommodation. The rooms range from dormitory-style settings to larger suites with an elegant touch. Best of all, guests at the hotel will be able to indulge in lots of ales at Costa Rica’s first microbrewery. There’s even an onsite restaurant called La Huerta that serves up international fare prepared with local, farm-fresh ingredients.

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