Arenal in February

While the Pacific beaches of Costa Rica might easily see temperatures of 90 degrees and low humidity in February, it’s slightly different when you head inland to Arenal. In Arenal, February brings temperatures closer to 80 degrees, although they may dip down to the high 60s overnight. Rain is very rare, and only usually at night for a brief moment. That means it is a very inviting atmosphere, and there is no shortage of visitors during February.

If you’re hoping to stay at an upscale resort while you’re in Arenal, and you want to visit in February, make sure you book in advance. It is not uncommon for top hotels to be completely booked up four or five months early. One such hotel is the Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa. Because of volcanic activity in the region, Arenal is home to a staggering number of natural geothermal hot springs. At the Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa, guests will have access to several river pools where the temperatures can range from 72 degrees all the way up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. High mineral content makes this relaxing as well as therapeutic, and it is one of the activities that Arenal is best known for. Pack a bathing suit and something you can slip on over your swimming gear, because the thermal springs and pools are a brief walk from the hotel. The hotel is home to several restaurants, but a favorite is the Ave del Paraíso, which boasts an extensive dinner buffet with international and local dishes.

While there are few major festivals in Arenal in February, the Lenten Season begins on Ash Wednesday, which is usually in the middle of the month. Don’t be surprised to see this marked throughout Arenal, since many of the local residents are Catholic.

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