Arenal in August

Visiting Arenal in August means that you’ll need to be prepared for rain. After all, it’s not called the rainy season for nothing! Mornings tend to be clear, but afternoons and evenings often feature a brief shower or two. With temperatures in the 70s, however, you definitely won’t be limited during your trip. Just remember to bring along covered shoes, rather than sandals, if you’re planning any longer hikes in potentially wet ground.

In Arenal, Mother’s Day is not just a reason to gift your mom a card and some flowers. Instead, it is an official national holiday. That means many businesses are closed, and even the local bus system is on hold for the day. If you can’t be with your own mom in Costa Rica on this August holiday, just be aware that many shops won’t be open.

August tends to be a popular time for families traveling on a budget in Arenal. After all, prices dip down during the green season, and it is summer holiday for many children around the world. If you’re traveling without young children, then you might want to make the most of a grown-up activity like rappelling through waterfalls. This adventure tours start with a drive into the rainforest, where you can rappel along dry cliff faces and even enormous waterfalls. This is a chance to get a rush of adrenaline that you’ll never forget! Plus, you won’t mind the occasional afternoon rain if you’re already soaked from descending into a gorge or hiking through a water-filled canyon.

After adventures like that, you deserve to pamper yourself a little. With so many great upscale hotels in Arenal, it can be hard to pick just one place to stay. You might like Hotel Lomas del Volcan, where guests stay in rustic wooden cabins on a working farm. It’s a chance to have peace and quiet, exceptional views and even an outdoor pool with a waterfall. The cabins are also within walking distance of La Fortuna, which is home to many great restaurants. One top pick is Café Mediterraneo, known locally as the best place in the area where you can get authentic and delicious Italian pizza.

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