Arenal in April

The weather in Arenal in April is perfect. Temperatures might reach the high 80s on a sunny afternoon, and the rain is infrequent and usually restricted to a few drops at night. Bring your sunscreen, because there will definitely be plenty of chances to soak up the sunshine each and every day!

While winter might have a hold on much of the world, Costa Rica is paradise in April. For that reason, expect the crowds of the sunny season to remain in full effect. As is typical at this time of the year, business is booming and bargains can be harder to find. Fortunately, there are still plenty of affordable hotels. At Volcano Lodge & Springs, you can check out the hot springs, enjoy two outdoor pools and still stick to your travel budget.

If you’re looking for hot springs in Arenal that aren’t linked to a hotel, then you’re in luck. El Chollín are free hot springs that are wonderful to sit in as the sun is setting in the evening. However, they are not suitable to use during rain, so the sunny season is the right time of year.

Many towns and regions in Costa Rica hold a fiesta in April, and many involve a form of bullfighting. Popular today are forms of bullfighting where no blood is shed, and the bull always wins. These can be found in the surrounding region, usually on the weekend. If there is one nearby, it is definitely worth attending during your visit! Before you leave Arenal, be sure to check out La Fortuna Pub. The menu features typical pub fare, and they are one of a handful of local spots that brew their own beer.

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