Costa Rica all-inclusive vacations

If you’re sorting through dozens of sites offering different Costa Rica all-inclusive vacations, we advise you to stop right now. If you’re getting dizzy trying to figure out itineraries and compare details, catch your breath. Let us do the work.!

We’re at your service with the very best Costa Rica all-inclusive packages available, and we love what we do. Please accept our invitation to relax and let us turn your dream vacation into the trip of a lifetime.

You’ve picked the perfect location twice!

First, you want to vacation in Costa Rica. That’s an incredibly smart choice. The beaches are beyond beautiful. The lush rain forests stretch up towering mountains into the clouds. You can swim, scuba, hike and zip-line through some of the most scenic vistas on earth.

Second, you’re here with us. Again, you’re making the right decision. Locos4Travel specializes in highly customized, all-inclusive vacation planning. You can shop, eat, drink and dance in settings that suit your personal travel style.

What can you expect?

If you’re looking forward to your first of many Costa Rica all-inclusive vacations, be prepared to be amazed by the incredible value that comes with this type of planning. If you’re making a return visit, enjoy this preview of the amenities that keep you coming back for more. All-inclusive packages generally include:

  • Transportation: -Transfers between airport and your lodging.
  • Accommodations: All-inclusive resort accommodations or meal-inclusive hotels.
  • Meals and Drinks: Delicious meals thru the day
  • Cocktails and Entertainment – Available with most luxury all-inclusive plans.
  • Adventures and Tours – Wildly popular with scuba diving, zip-lining nature lovers.
  • Child Care Options – Wildly popular with parents who like to indulge in a little adult playtime.
  • 24/7 in-country assistance throughout your stay


Costa Rica all-inclusive packages let you focus on what really matters: Having an amazing time. You don’t have to spend a long time worrying about the logistics or pricing out various options. You can let someone else do the legwork, create a fabulous itinerary and organize your getaway. All you need to do is pack and get ready for an amazing trip.

Where would you like to go?

First up is the toughest question of all: Where are you going to go in Costa Rica? The good news is that you don’t have to narrow down your choices to just one option. Even if you’ll only be in Costa Rica for a week, you can plan to add multiple stops to your itinerary.

For many travelers, Costa Rica’s beaches are a big draw. The beach destinations along the Pacific Coast like Tamarindo and Manuel Antonio are hugely popular, especially during the sunny season when there is almost no rain to worry about. You could also head inland and choose spots with a higher elevation, which can offer lush greenery and slightly cooler temperatures. You might want to walk through the clouds at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, or you could zip-line through the tree canopy while spotting monkeys in their natural habitats.

There are also plenty of incredible volcanoes, some of which are surrounded by national parks, craters or epic hiking trails. Arenal is one such spot, and it offers views of the Arenal Volcano as well as the chance to make a splash in Lake Arenal. If you’re looking for outdoor adventure or a sunny spot to enjoy a cocktail by the water, Costa Rica definitely has a long list of potential destinations for you to explore.

Why plan your vacation with Locos4Tarvel?

We make travel fun right from the start! We take pride in planning Costa Rica vacations a little differently. We could keep things easy for staff by offering cookie-cutter packages, but why waste our expertise and talent? Our travel concierges prefer to pamper you according to your wishes. Regardless of the size of your party or your budget, we figure out the details. We help you put together a vacation package that perfectly fits your expectations andexceeds your wildest dreams.

How Do We Do It?

We Make It Simple: With a just a few clicks, you’re on your way to the ultimate Costa Rica getaway. We complement our user-friendly vacation planning tools with assistance from the friendliest travel concierges on the planet.

We Keep It Entertaining: We don’t just serve up facts and stats. We offer tips and tricks that make your all-inclusive experience unforgettable. Meet Loco Jim, our smiling ambassador with insider advice on everything from packing light to enjoying a volcano.

We Put You First: Your vacation should be as unique as the way you wear your hat and sport your shades. We’re the one concierge travel agency that specializes in customizing Costa Rica vacation packages. From arrival to departure, it’s all about you.

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