What is the Costa Rica climate like?

Do you know what the climate is like in Costa Rica? Were you aware that this little country has microclimates? Despite its size, Costa Rica climate is diverse that can be divided into several climatic zones based on each region, each with distinct characteristics.

Although Costa Rica is considered a tropical country due to its proximity to the Equator, it does not have seasons per say and the sun shines year-round. It has an average temperature of 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 to 27 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal place to visit. November, December and January are the coolest months, while March to May are the hottest seasons. We highly recommend that you bring sunblock, especially if you go to one of Costa Rica’s beaches.

There are two seasons: the Green Season (the wet season) and the Sunny Season (the dry season). The Green Season coincides with the rainy season that last from May to November, with September and October being the heaviest rain period. On average, Costa Rica receives 100 inches of rain, while some mountainous areas can get as much as 25 ft. of rainfall per year. Consider visiting Costa Rica during the Green Season as you will be able to admire the foliage at its finest and stunning flowers and plants. There are also not as many tourists, which means lower prices and less-packed national parks and towns. If you want to guarantee a rain-free vacation, go to Costa Rica during the High Season.

The microclimates in Costa Rica are due the close proximity of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. On the Pacific Coast, you are more likely to find a hot and dry climate, while on the Caribbean Coast, you will encounter a rainy and humid climate. The Central Valley Region has the best weather in the country, with an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celsius. In the highlands, the average temperature is 13 degree Celsius, while in the lowlands the average temperature is around 79 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. For more information con microclimates in Costa Rica visit Costa Rica Weather.

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