Costa Rica Food

Costa Rica offers a varied array of restaurants, diners, and food-stands that can cater to any craving or dietary need that a traveler may have. The Costa Rican food scene is characterized by its diversity. No matter where you go, chances are you’ll have lots of options to choose from; seafood, steakhouse, Caribbean, Italian, Asian, French, Local Costa Rican food… you name it, and they’re all here.

A walk around any beach or mountain town you visit will be like going through a food-court at a mall, choices everywhere! Whatever you decide to eat during your trip, try making some time for typical Costa Rica food! We guarantee that local spots will offer some of the best meals and service.


Costa Rican Typical Dishes

A Costa Rican vacation would be incomplete without trying some of the country’s best known dishes. Perhaps order a “Chifrijo” (pork served in a bowl with rice, beans, some “Pico de Gallo” and fried tortillas) or a “Casado” the typical lunch or dinner meal. Costa Rica cuisine has an appetizing homey flavor to it. Not too spicy (unless you’re trying Caribbean food!) but never bland or dull.

No Costa Rican trip is complete without having some Gallo Pinto for breakfast. A staple dish for Ticos, Gallo Pinto is basically rice and black or red beans refried together and typically served with eggs, plantains, natilla (sour cream), tortillas, and a thick slice of white country cheese. This simple dish is so delicious that many visitors claim it was one of the highlights of their trip. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself trying to make some Gallo Pinto for breakfast once you go back home!

Other mandatory culinary essentials include: “Olla De Carne”, a beef and vegetable soup; “Chorreadas”, corn pancakes; “Agua Dulce”, sugar cane water; and “Patacones”, crunchy fried plantains, among others. After a good meal be sure to try “Tres Leches”, a three layer custard flan that has been called the national dessert of Costa Rica by National geographic.

Restaurants in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s dining scene is as diverse as its wildlife! You will find restaurants that cater to those looking for a luxurious experience, budget friendly diners with tempting menus, and local restaurantsthat offer good food for a fair price.

Word of mouth is always the best way to find out what’s hot and what’s not. Read reviews by other customers of restaurants you’re planning to visit and see what they have to say about their experience! Asking at the front desk of your hotel for recommendations is usually always a safe bet as well.

No matter what you decide on, one thing is for sure, the best way to enjoy any meal is withsome gorgeous Costa Rican scenery on the background.

Here you can find more details about where to eat in some of Costa Rica´s most popular destinations: