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Costa Rica is a land of perpetual blue skies, sunny days, and temperate climates. Some researchers have even claimed that the city of Atenas, located in the Alajuela province, has the best climate in the world! Let’s take a closer look at what makes it so special:

Unlike countries with strictly different stations, Costa Rica weather only has two basic seasons: “Green” and “Sunny”. Being a tropical country bordered by two oceans on its sides, Costa Rica has always enjoyed warm weathercheckered by bursts of rain. The temperature in Costa Rica oscillates from mild 90ºs to low 70ºs, but the average is usually around 76ºF. The days begin around 5:30am when the sun rises and come to an end when it sets around 5:30-6:00 pm depending on the time of the year.

The sunny season (or summer) goes from December to March and sometimes includes April. You can expect hot sunny days during these months, however being a tropical country, there is always the chance of an unexpected rain shower.

The Green Season (also known as the Rainy Season) lasts from May to December. Most hotels have special discounts during the Green Season since fewer tourists come to visit. However many activities and tours are planned specially for this unique weather. Sunny mornings and rainy afternoons are the common scenery during this time of the year, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities during the daytime and then relax to the sounds of the rain later in the day.

Costa Rica is full of microclimates due to its diverse geography, especially the mountain ranges that run through all the country. Higher places often have a cooler temperature and more frequent rains compared to the coastal regions that traditionally have high temperatures and dry lands.

All these microclimates make each region have its own distinct weather patterns. It might be sunny and hot in Manuel Antonioand at the very same time windy and cold in San Jose.

Here’s a brief summary of the general weather conditions in each of Costa Rica’s regions:

Weather in the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

The Caribbean coast offers visitors plenty of blue skies and tropical warmth, perfect weather for scuba diving or simply riding your bike to town. Whether you are visiting Puerto Viejo or Tortugero, bear in mind that rain showers are frequent but usually short in duration. This combination of rain and sun keepsthe landscape green year-round.

Weather in the Central Highlands Region of Costa Rica

The Highlands are known for having cool days and chilly nights. This region is famous for its cloud forest atmosphere, particularly in the areas of Monteverde and San Ramon, which makes the mountains all the more alluring! Be sure to pack some warm clothes for visiting this area!

Weather in the Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica

The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica is characterized by its hot and humid days. This weather combination makes for some spectacular rainforests and beaches. Manuel Antonio, Playa Hermosa, and Jaco are all highly recommended beaches of the region. The best advice we can give you is remember to pack your sandals!

Weather in Central Valley Region of Costa Rica

The higher altitudes in the Central Valley keep the days mild days and the nights cool. There are regular but not predominant daily showers. Visitors can be comfortable wearing shorts pretty much year round in the Central Valley, just remember a hoodie or sweater for the nights in San Jose!

Weather in Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica

The driest and warmest province is Guanacaste where Liberia and Santa Cruz are located. This is the region of Costa Rica with the most visited beaches, but also where you will also find spectacular dry forests filled with hundreds of unique species of flora and fauna. The dry season is usually longer in Guanacaste than in other provinces due to its dry weather. This time of the year is when most hotels fill up the quickest, so make sure to book ahead of time to avoid any discomfort.

Weather in Nicoya Peninsula Region of Costa Rica

The weather in the Nicoya Peninsula can be described as warm, hot and humid. In short, the perfect weather for cooling off in any of the many waterfalls scattered throughout the area or for going for a swim in its famous beaches (Mal País, Montezuma, Samara, etc). Visitors can expect sunny days and bright blue skies during the dry season and strong showers during the rainy season.

Weather in Northern Lowlands Region of Costa Rica

The Northern Lowlands are known for having hot days that give way to cool nights as the sun sets. If you’re visiting the plains around the Sarapiqui Valley you will most likely experience warmer weather for the duration of your trip. Those venturing to any of the Mountain Ranges that cross this region can expect chillier rainforest surroundings.

Weather in South Central Region of Costa Rica

The South Central region has mild weather pretty much year round, never too hot or too cold. This blessed climate has made this region possess some of the most incredibly diverse ecosystems in the country, just pay a visit to La Amistad International Park and you’ll see what we mean! Visitors can expect to see lots of exotic wildlife and exuberant vegetation. For those adventurers traveling to the Talamanca Mountain Range remember to bring warm clothes and rain jackets.

Weather in South Pacific Region of Costa Rica

The South Pacific region is a low altitude rainforest area with hot and humid being the norm.Abundant rainfalls keep the scenery green and vibrant. This Region of Costa Rica is made up of some of the most beautiful beaches in Central America (Dominical, Corcovado, and the Osa Peninsula,), you’ll be hard-pressed to find better surroundings. Just remember to put on some sunscreen before spending a whole day at the beach!

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We’re at your service with the very best Costa Rica vacations packages available, and we love what we do. Please accept our invitation to relax and let us turn your dream vacation into the trip of a lifetime.

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