Costa Rica in September

Although Costa Rica in September is technically in low season in terms of crowds and prices, it can actually be the ideal time to visit the Caribbean Coast. Along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, plenty of rainfall means that outdoor recreation and beach trips are best kept to the mornings and early afternoons. Along the Caribbean, however, you can expect temperatures that hit the 90s as well as minimal rain that tends to appear overnight rather than during the day.

Keep the regional weather differences in mind as you’re planning your trip. If you’re heading inland or to the Pacific Coast, you can snag some of the best prices of the year. It’s also a great time to play it by ear and have a spontaneous getaway, since hotels won’t be booked months in advance. On the Caribbean Coast, however, hotels can be busy, and in-the-know visitors will be flocking to the Caribbean beaches for sunshine. Bring your bathing suit, because you’ll definitely want to take a dip!

There aren’t many major holidays in September, but it’s worth noting that September 15th is Independence Day. On this day, you’ll probably find parades and street parties wherever you happen to be visiting.

A great destination to explore in September is Cahuita National Park. Located at the southern end of the Caribbean Coast, the park delivers hot and dry weather at this time of year. It’s a rainforest packed with birds, monkeys and reptiles, so there is plenty of flora and fauna to admire. Just outside of the park is Kelly Creek Hotel, an upscale accommodation choice that puts you close to the beautiful wildlife. It also happens to be within walking distance of El Girasol Restaurante, a charming spot where you can enjoy authentic Italian preparation that happens to feature local ingredients like seafood caught that very day in the Caribbean Sea.

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