Costa Rica in March

shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Costa Rica in March is a bustling, vibrant destination to explore. It’s still the sunny season for much of the country, and Spring Break draws in visitors from around the world who are ready for some beach fun. Plus, much of the world is under a blanket of snow or cold weather in March, so Costa Rica’s warm temperature provider a pretty fantastic alternative. Be prepared for all that busyness to translate to crowds on many major beaches as well as higher costs at most hotels.

Be aware that March is often home to Santa Semana, or the Holy Week that predates Easter. After Maundy Thursday, plenty of shops, restaurants and even tour companies will close down for four or five days. Also in March is Dia de San Jose, a Catholic holiday honoring the patron saint of San Jose.

The weather in Costa Rica in the month of March tends to be sunny and hot along the Pacific Coast. Head inland, and places like Arenal are starting to dry out completely. Even along the Caribbean Coast, rain is often limited to the evening or overnight. Make sure you bring along a hat or visor wherever you are, because the direct sunlight can be a shock if you’re not used to it.

If the hot and sunny atmosphere at the beach isn’t your idea of a dream vacation, head slightly inland to Monteverde. Located between two cloud forests, Monteverde is a lush green and truly breathtaking outdoor destination. Arguably the top attraction in the area is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, where you can literally walk through the treetops as you explore the rainforest canopy.

Adjacent to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is the Belmar Hotel, one of the most popular and luxurious accommodation choices in the area. It is family owned and designed to look like an Alpine chalet, and it puts you close to all the best restaurants and attractions. Speaking of restaurants, a top place to dine in Monteverde is the Green Restaurant, an eatery serving up international fare that features local, organic ingredients.

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