Costa Rica in July

Although July is the green season in Costa Rica, it is busier than you might expect. Around the 4th of July, lots of American families come to Costa Rica to take advantage of the lower, off-season prices. Plus, lots of Costa Ricans head to the beach this time of year, adding to some of the crowds. That’s because the first two weeks in July are usually a school holiday for locals. In addition, Día de Guanacaste is a major event that brings together people from all around Costa Rica. Overall, July it is still very much an affordable time of year to visit Costa Rica.

Along the North and Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, daytime temperatures are in the 80s and 90s, and nighttime rain is common. Further south, heavy rain throughout much of the day is possible. The same heat, rain and humidity is present on the Caribbean Coast, although temperatures are cooler as you increase the elevation and head inland. The end of July is when a phenomenon known as veranillo, or little summer, kicks in. During veranillo, rains can reduce for a few weeks, and it is a nice respite from the wetness. Wherever you are in Costa Rica at this time of year, bring along some mosquito or insect-repellant wipes.

Escazu is a modern city in Costa Rica with lots of attractions. If the rain at the beach doesn’t appeal to you, then head to Escazu to see a different side of the local culture. The city overlooks San Jose, creating breathtaking vistas without the crowds. This is a top pick for those who like to golf, and the comfortable climate in July means that morning rounds won’t get too hot. Plus, the city is where you’ll find Multiplaza, the largest shopping center in the entire country. The Intercontinental has a hotel right next to the mall, putting you within walking distance of nonstop shopping. Also in the area is the Jazz Café, an unbeatable place to unwind with a cocktail and some live jazz music.

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