Costa Rica in August

August is a month of contrasts in Costa Rica. During the first half of August, the weather may temporarily dry off thanks to the mini summer known as veranillo. This is also a busy time of year because of an influx of travelers from around the world, many of them families with children. The second half of August, however, can feel completely different. Many major destinations start to empty out the closer it gets to September, and the rain can start to pick up again as is normal throughout the rest of the green season.

The Northwest Pacific Coast tends to be one of the driest areas of Costa Rica in August, while the Central and South Pacific regions experience regular rain most afternoons and evenings. The same is true in the center of the country. Toward the Caribbean Side, it can start to dry out. It is even possible to have several sunny days in a row without rain!

If you want to explore Costa Rican beaches in August, a great place to visit is Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Located along the Caribbean Coast, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is known for its excellent beaches, world-class surfing and access to spectacular parks. Don’t miss the beautiful black sand beach known as Playa Negra, and be sure to spot jaguars at the Jaguar Rescue Center. It’s also worth spending at least a full day at the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge. Make the most of this destination that’s slightly off the beaten track by staying at Hotel Escape Caribeño, where guests get access to small cabins overlooking the water and just steps from the beach. Indulge at night at the Koki Beach Restaurant Bar Lounge, a vibrant place with delicious drinks and even better views.

August is when you’ll find Mother’s Day on the calendar, and it’s a big deal in Costa Rica. In fact, it’s a public holiday, and many businesses close on this day. Toward the end of the month, there’s also a National Parks Day. If you’re staying anywhere near a national park, check to see if there are any events that you can participate in.

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