Costa Rica Nature Vacations

You enjoy the excitement of city life, but you long for the peaceful seclusion of a special getaway. You daydream about adventures in the jungle, treks through mountain forests and relaxation by the surf. Our personalized Costa Rica nature vacations make it all happen. Your daydreams are our starting point. Tell us where you want to go and what you want to do, or leave everything to our talented travel concierges. We truly love our home here in Costa Rica, and it shows in the care we put into every detail as we personalize your custom nature excursion.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Nature

Costa Rica is a country that is made for nature lovers. If you appreciate being outside, surrounded by beautiful scenery and wildlife everywhere you look, then you will really want to start planning your next holiday to this idyllic Central American country. There are […]

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Immerse Yourself in a Natural Paradise

Did you know that Costa Rica’s biodiversity is considered second to none across the entire planet? That’s very impressive for a small country. We credit our location between two oceans, our mountainous interior and our tropical climate for supporting such an incredible ecosystem.

Costa Rica is a natural paradise, and it’s all yours for a totally immersive experience. Imagine skies filled with the brilliant colors of parrots and macaws. Picture the delicate dance of glasswing butterflies across fields of exotic flowers. Add the thrill of tracking jaguars on a photo safari and the pure pleasure of counting sea turtles on a deserted beach.

These are the things that dreams about paradise are made of. They’re also examples of the amazing adventures you’ll enjoy when you visit our home. We specialize in designing immersive Costa Rica nature vacations.

Turn Your Dreams Into Destinations

Is your heart set on falling in love with a cloud forest? We arrange every detail. Are you wide open to any and all opportunities to explore Costa Rica’s natural beauty? Let us build an itinerary that takes you from mountaintops to seashores. These are just a few of the incredible destinations waiting for your arrival.

The Arenal Volcano Area

The northwestern region of Costa Rica serves up unforgettable adventures and a wonderful variety of accommodations. Set your sights on the magnificent Arenal Volcano with an elevation of more than 5,000 feet. The area around our most famous landmark offers a wide choice of medium to small resorts and boutique hotels, and they’re all ideal as your home base for exciting outdoor experiences.

  • Take an ATV tour of Arenal Volcano.
  • Soar over mountaintops in a tram.
  • Sail through rain forests on a zip line.
  • Defy the heights with a hanging bridge tour.
  • Shoot the rapids of the powerful Penas Blancas River.

The Cloud Forests of Monteverde

Pack your camera for a photo safari through Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Our central highlands are home to all kinds of birds, mammals, reptiles and even fascinating insects. We arrange your stay at an all-inclusive luxury hotel in nearby San Jose or a secluded mountain retreat. We help fulfill your wildest nature vacation expectations.

  • Explore the mysteries of Costa Rica’s cloud forests.
  • Take in the world standing astride the Continental Divide.
  • Marvel at the crimson and green plumage of our native quetzals.
  • Feel your spirits take flight in the reserve’s butterfly gardens.

The Shores of the Pacific Ocean

Lush rain forests form a dramatic backdrop to unspoiled shoreline stretching from Manuel Antonio down to the Osa Peninsula. Imagine relaxing on pristine beaches between treks into the jungle. This is a nature getaway that veers beautifully off the beaten track. Gracious accommodations include small hotels and lodges that cater to your love of the outdoors. From seascapes to mountain views, your opportunities to explore are almost endless.

  • Add to your bird life list at Manuel Antonio National Park.
  • Listen to the chatter of howler, capuchin and squirrel monkeys.
  • Conquer hiking trails through the world’s most biodiverse rain forests.
  • Travel by boat to photograph wildlife in Corcovado National Park.

Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

Watch the sun rise from the waters of the Caribbean as you prepare for another day in paradise. Here on our eastern coast, a boat trip takes you deep into Tortuguero National Park. We frequently book guests at several area boutique hotels and lodges, and we can arrange for all-inclusive accommodations in nearby San Jose. From mystical rain forests and tropical jungles to sun-drenched beaches, our Caribbean coastline is a perfect destination for nature lovers.

  • Thrill to crocodile spotting along the park’s canals.
  • Launch a kayak photo safari through the rain forest.
  • Hike through some of the most biodiverse jungles on earth.
  • Cast your luck across the waters on a sports fishing tour.
  • Watch sea turtles nesting at night along the beach.

Let Us Make It All Happen for You

Make your Costa Rica nature vacation a dream come true by letting us take care of the details. With your input, we custom design a getaway that takes your from coast to coast, through the mountains and into the jungles. You can count on our insider knowledge to build an itinerary that includes the best accommodations at the best rates.

We love the great outdoors too, and we love sharing our country’s natural beauty. Combine that with our passion for crafting unforgettable vacations, and you can understand why we all love what we do here at Locos4Travel. Let us do it for you.

Why plan your vacation with Locos4Travel Costa Rica?

We make travel fun right from the start! We take pride in planning Costa Rica vacations a little differently. We could keep things easy for staff by offering cookie-cutter packages, but why waste our expertise and talent? Our travel concierges prefer to pamper you according to your wishes. Regardless of the size of your party or your budget, we figure out the details. We help you put together a vacation package that perfectly fits your expectations andexceeds your wildest dreams.

How Do We Do It?

We Make It Simple: With a just a few clicks, you’re on your way to the ultimate Costa Rica getaway. We complement our user-friendly vacation planning tools with assistance from the friendliest travel concierges on the planet.

We Keep It Entertaining: We don’t just serve up facts and stats. We offer tips and tricks that make your vacation experience unforgettable. Meet Loco Jim, our smiling ambassador with insider advice on everything from packing light to enjoying a volcano.

We Put You First: Your vacation should be as unique as the way you wear your hat and sport your shades. We’re the one concierge travel agency that specializes in customizing Costa Rica vacation packages. From arrival to departure, it’s all about you.