Costa Rica Eco-Tourism Vacations

Where can you experience it all from the top of ancient volcanoes to the depths of magnificent coral reefs? How do you plan a trip that meets your high standards for environmental sustainability? The answer to both questions is surprisingly simple. Let us help make the arrangements. We excel at designing unforgettable Costa Rica eco-tourism vacations.

You’re right on track for the green getaway of a lifetime. By choosing Costa Rica for your eco-friendly vacation, you’re headed for one of the most biodiverse countries on earth. Soon, you’ll be traveling through jungles, cloud forests and estuaries that provide habitat for 5 percent of the world’s animal species.

If it sounds like a dream come true, you can open your eyes. It’s real, and we assist you in putting it all together with a personalized travel itinerary.

Costa Rica Eco Tours All Inclusive

Eco tourism is an exciting and important way to travel the world while minimizing your impact. Also known as sustainable tourism, eco-friendly travel is a means of seeing a new place without doing harm to the natural environment or its residents. In a place […]

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Making Choices That Make a Difference

Since the 1970s, Costa Rica has shown a deep commitment to preserving its natural resources, ecosystems and culture. Sustainable tourism plays a huge role in supporting those efforts. Our different Costa Rica ecotourism packages offer you the opportunity to be a part of our ongoing success.

By using our services to arrange your trip, you know you’re making a positive difference. Our eco-tour planning minimizes your environmental impact while it maximizes your enjoyment of our country’s natural beauty. We do more than make travel fun from the start. We make sure it’s an eco-friendly experience you’ll remember forever.

Costa Rica Eco-Tourism Vacations

What can you expect from your Costa Rica eco-vacation? You can count on the trip of a lifetime set in a nature lover’s paradise. You can look forward to stays at lodges and retreats that maintain their important Certificates of Sustainable Travel. You can trust us to help you put together a perfect itinerary that includes these destinations and more.

The Cano Negro Refuge

If you dream of an eco-friendly getaway to remote tropical everglades, far north Cano Negro belongs on your bucket list. Our travel concierges assist you in arranging accommodations in nearby La Fortuna where you’re also within easy visiting distance of Arenal Volcano.

  • Raft through breathtaking landscapes down the Rio Frio.
  • Watch the skies overhead fill with more than 350 species of exotic birds.
  • Warm up at Tabacon Hot Springs, or cool down with wind surfing across Lake Arenal.

Guanacaste on the Pacific Coast

This northwestern province is home to an amazing array of outdoor adventures. Miles of unspoiled coastline, lush rain forests and towering volcanoes are yours to explore. We arrange your stay in eco-hotels and lodges that put you on the very edge of nature at its wildest.

  • Ride horses along golden beaches on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Roam through more than 34,000 acres of natural beauty at Rincon de la Vieja National Park.
  • Discover mountain waterfalls, hot springs and mud fumaroles.
  • Capture pumas, jaguars and tapirs in the rainforest with your camera.

Marino Ballena National Park

One of Costa Rica’s most remarkable geological formations delights visitors to this magnificent national park. Known as the Whale Tail, this one-of-a-kind, natural sandbar is a favorite spot on the park’s extensive shoreline. Stage your Marino Ballena eco-adventures from one of the area’s hotels or lodges.

  • Sail the Pacific Coast on a dolphin and whale watching tour.
  • Snorkel and dive through spectacular coral reefs.
  • Marvel at pelicans, ibises and frigate birds flying over the sea.
  • Follow sloths, monkeys and raccoons deep into surrounding rain forests.

The Central Highlands

In the remote mountains south of San Jose, ancient cloud forests reach for the skies. The rural region puts your head in the clouds too with wildlife much different from that found in our lowlands and along our beaches. We help you book an eco-lodge that puts this remarkable frontier at your front door.

  • Immerse yourself in cloud forests with treks through Los Quetzales National Park.
  • Be prepared to be surprised by graceful deer, shy sloths and long-tailed tayras.
  • Keep your binoculars at the ready for incredible highland bird watching.

Making Your Eco-Vacation Dreams Come True

These are just a few of our country’s destinations that make eco-vacation dreams come true. You really do make a difference when you visit Costa Rica. Your stay supports the communities that sustain our natural wonders and promote a better understanding of our culture.

With our assistance, you can choose with confidence from the very best Costa Rica ecotourism packages available. With our guidance, you can customize your trip into the travel experience of a lifetime.

Let us make sure your eco-vacation is fun right from the start. We make planning simple and adventures accessible. Contact us here online, or visit with our very real travel concierges by calling us at 1-844-4LOCOS4. We all look forward to seeing you very soon.

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