Where is Costa Rica and what makes it so awesome

Hola, my name is Loco Jim! I live in Costa Rica, I’m a Sagittarius, and I love long walks on the beach – which is convenient, since Costa Rica has hundreds of beaches to choose from. I’m here to tell you about how cool this Central American country is, not just because I love it, but because I am LOCO FOR TRAVEL.

What is costa rica famous for? A lot of people think Costa Rica is a place full of tropical sunshine, hammocks by the ocean, easygoing people and lots of wildlife. All of that is true! A lot of other people think that Costa Rica is a Pacific island full of elephants where everybody might or might not speak Dutch. That is NOT true! That’s why I’m here, to report factual information that I recently looked up on Wikipedia.

Here’s some cool trivia to get you started:

Costa Rica has no army. It was disbanded in the 1940s. President José Figueres Ferrer was all like, “War is dumb, and we’re no good at it. Everybody leave your M50s at the door, please. Don’t worry—we’re gonna have tons of teaching jobs soon, because we’re putting all our war money into education.” Except that he said this in Spanish.
Native Costa Ricans are called “Ticos.” Why Ticos? Because in Spanish, when something is small, they add “-ito” to the end of the word. In old Costa Rican Spanish, if something was really small, they’d call it “-itico.” That’s one theory anyway. It could also be that colonial Costa Ricans dressed up as tacos and couldn’t spell.
An enormous chunk of Costa Rica’s land is dedicated to national parks and protected areas, where animals great and small can roam free. Most forms of hunting are illegal in Costa Rica, so wildlife doesn’t have to worry about a 90-year-old army veteran chasing after them with an M50.

Indeed, there is so much pristine wilderness in Costa Rica that it’s the perfect place to get lost in nature. No joke. I am, at this moment, lost in the rainforest and have no idea how to get back to my 1984 Toyota Tercel. I think I took a right at the giant ficus tree, but I don’t remember a jaguar standing there before. That’s funny, I thought jaguars only came out at night. Well, anyway, I’ll have more updates soon—right after I finish outrunning this jaguar. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you too become LOCOS FOR TRAVEL!