Covid-19 safety tourism in Costa Rica: ¡Health protocols!

After living very difficult weeks, our country is finally starting a gradual opening and our main goal is to have Covid-19 safety tourism in Costa Rica.

It’s very important for us to be well informed and to be able to follow all the protocols that have been issued by the country’s health authorities.

Our main objective is to protect you and our collaborators’ health, at the same time that we enjoy our natural treasures that today, in the midst of this difficult situation on the planet, are sanctuaries that help us recharge with positive energy. We all need it and here we are to help you make that dream come true.

It is also important that you know what these protocols are and how to follow them in a responsible way: everyone’s health depends on our individual actions. We also want to let you know that all our staff is well trained and will always guide you throughout this process.

Here you will find a series of measures:

1. We DISINFECT units continuously and we have strict cleaning controls on each van. We frequently clean surfaces such as seats, doors, and knobs.

2. Maintain the social DISTANCE of 1.8 meters before and during the approach to the vans.

3. We will take the TEMPERATURE with a digital thermometer to all the passengers who are about to enter the unit. We remind you that the use of a mask or face shield is mandatory throughout the trip to the tourist destination. We will have gel alcohol for you to clean your hands on.

4. When entering the van, it’s important to SANITIZE your shoes with a disinfecting floor mat, that contains chlorine and disinfectant.

5. Always remember to AVOID CROWDS while entering or getting off the bus.

Finally, all our transport units have signs with clear and simple information to guide you to all the security measures to have a Covid-19 safety tourism Costa Rica. If you have any questions, any of our collaborators will always help and guide you.

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