Costa Rica and our tourism will survive the coronavirus

Our life has radically changed in a matter of days: the entire world has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and Costa Rica has been no exception. My country, this little piece of land that adopted me years ago, is experiencing one of its worst crises: tourism, the main economic engine of Costa Rica, has completely stopped.

These months, which are high season, we will not receive income: all of us, absolutely all of us who promote the natural wonders of this beautiful country, are in a deep crisis.
More than 10.000 cancellations, hundreds of hotels without a single guest, restaurants closed due to a lack of customers and travel agencies without reservations, endanger the economic well-being of hundreds of families that depend on this industry.

And although we support all the measures that the Government of Costa Rica has taken to stop a massive spread of the new coronavirus, covid-19, it does seem important to us to send a message to all the tourists in the world who thought of coming to the country: Costa Rica awaits you and tourism will succeed!

In the midst of uncertainty, there is always a light of hope, because the beautiful beaches, the crystal clear rivers, the imposing mountains and the challenging volcanoes will continue to be here for the world to know.

This crisis will pass!

When this crisis passes, the culture of “pura vida” and the kindness and human warmth of the Ticos will be waiting to spread you with positivism.

When this crisis passes, the airports will open their runways again and the whole world will be able to explore the wonderful corners of Costa Rica again.

When this crisis passes, Locos4Travel will be ready to receive all the tourists in the world who want their perfect vacation in Costa Rica.