Author - Loco Jim

Costa Rica All inclusive Adults Only Vacation

An adults-only trip allows you to focus on your environment, the breathtaking scenery and your romantic partner. Whether you are hoping to rekindle a romance or celebrate a romantic milestone together, an all-inclusive vacation just for adults can be the ideal getaway. Best of all, an all-inclusive trip means you can spend less time worried about logistics and more time soaking in the experience. Take a closer look at what you can expect from a sample Costa Rica all-inclusive [...]

Active Volcanoes in Costa Rica

  There you are, soaking in a hot spring. Your shoulders are covered in clay, and the sun is trickling through the jungle canopy. And look! Monkeys in the branches! Is this the life or what? And then you remember: There are a lot of active volcanoes in Costa Rica and you’re chillaxing next to one. A real volcano. Actually, the volcano is the reason there are hot springs for you to chillax in. Come to think of it, should you be worried? [...]

Packing for Costa Rica

  If you haven’t been to Costa Rica yet, you’re probably wondering about the weather. Didn’t you uncle say it rained all the time there? But didn’t you cousin say it’s sunny and beautiful? Your librarian said you can wear sandals all the time, except in places where there might be snakes—which is where, exactly? Then you throw up your hands and exclaim, “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO PACK?” This is a great question, because gearing up and packing for Costa Rica [...]

Driving in Costa Rica – Tips from Loco Jim

  Driving in Costa Rica is fun and easy… Just kidding! Driving in Costa Rica is crazy and terrifying… Kidding again! Driving in Costa Rica is basically a mix of the two: The roads are rough and confusing, but most drivers respect the rules of the road. Traffic is actually pretty slow, even in the highways, rarely exceeding 60 kmh. You may get lost, but there’s almost always a friendly campesino around to help you find your way. A few things to keep [...]