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Hi, I am Loco Daniel, Your Travel Guide To Costa Rica!

Hi, I’m Loco Daniel, one of the founders of Locos4Travel. We are a company specialized in designing tailor-made travel experiences to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of the most gorgeous destinations in the world to visit and the true representation of the word’s diversity. But navigating thru the myriad of options the country offers and deciding what destinations to visit, what activities to do, how to get from one place to another, and what are the best hotels can be a daunting experience. I founded the company to share with you my wonderful experiences, make it fun and easy to design a memorable custom-made trip to this enchanting paradise, and help you plan the perfect Costa Rica vacation. Ready to have the time of your life? Read on and watch my videos!

Where is Costa Rica and what makes it so awesome

A lot of people think Costa Rica is country full of tropical sunshine, tourists lounging hammocks by the ocean, easygoing local people and lots of wildlife…. And these people are absolutely right! A lot of other people think that Costa Rica is an island on the Pacific full of elephants, where everybody might or might not speak Dutch. That is NOT true! That’s why I’m here, to report factual information that I recently looked up on Wikipedia.


The lush forests of Manuel Antonio National Park are teeming with monkeys and hundreds of other species of animals. Find out why this beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica!

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Sitting atop of the continental divide know as the Cordillera de Talamanca, Monteverde towers above the beautiful coastline of Puntarenas. Discover the natural beauty of this gorgeous mountain town.

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